Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday Morning on Spring Street

Every year Rebecca and I go to a little place around Eureka Springs for our anniversery. We usually get there on Friday and leave on Sunday. We do a lot of stuff while there. One of my favorite things to do (besides the obvious) is to go to downtown Eureka Springs on a Sunday morning. The streets are not very crowded and there is little traffic. The shop owners are usually just opening up and the whole town seems "slower." The town has a charm at that time of day that is very unique. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector.


MUD said...

Moving right along, have you been doing anything since Spring Street?
We need more Firefighter stuff. MUD

Rebecca said...

Everyone misses your blogging rants.

muskiedine said...

What is "the obvious" TeeeHeee dawg.

muskiedine said...

Im back, bet you didn't think I read your blog, now did ya?.