Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Smokin' Weed With Jesus, part 3

Evolution vs Inteligent Design vs Adaptive Creationism...ding ding ding , in this corner from.....
Last night the hot little number that I have been with for the last 15 years went to see the movie Saw with me. It was, umm, okay. It is pretty easy to use low lighting levels and lots of fake blood to hide a week script. But I digress. We met in Owasso after a day of running errands seperately so we drove seperate cars home. On the way home I had a talk with God. As a Christian I am to help spread the "good news". The good news is this; God loves me so much that in order to keep me from eternal damnation in hell He gave up his only son to die for me. I get that part. I accept that part. I accept His son. But how am I supposed to convert people with what seems like a threat. God loves you. He wants you to live forever. All you have to do is accept His Son.....but if you don't your will burn forever in a lake of fire and torment. Have a nice day.
Now, lets Evolve. All of you radical evolutionist that laughed and part one and two keep laughing in the spirit of fairness. The Theory of Evolution is just that, an Theory. Charles Darwin did a great job on this one, but on his deathbed he confessed Christ as his personal savior. It may have been a last minute spiritual life-preserver just in case. In my experiences things left alone in nature do not evolve, the decay. It is how nature is. In essence evolution is based upon the idea that life advances based upon billions of accidents. For example take the blind cave fish. If he had indeed evolved why did he not develop the abilities of seeing in the dark or sonor. Instead he just lost his eyes.
Inteligent Design is the new scientific attempt by the conservative right to counter the evolutionist. It is a theory that God did it. It is full of holes and paradoxes just like evolution. Most religious christians would say that our minds cannot comprehend the works of God. But what about us being made in His image?
I feel that the third option is better than all of the rest, but not without it's own holes. Adaptive creationism is a theory that is advancing. It states that All of creation came from a divine spark and follows preset laws of natural selection and adaptive strategies, but beyond that it is up to the created to develop.
But I could be wrong. What I do know is that there is a God. And He has shown me that the truth is called Grace and Mercy. He showed me grace four years ago when I almost died. He showed me mercy when I woke up 6 weeks later with my mind still intact. Since my recovery I have had the opportuniy to save two people from fires. One man was during a fire in a metal building converted to a home. The second was a boy that I was able to pull from a burning plane crash. I say this not to hype on myself, I was working with an excellent crew. But to show that the grace that God gave me was able to be returned. Good Mojo.
I am currently reading a book by Barack Obama called "The Audacity of Hope". A very good read. Even if you are a extreme right-wing conservative you will find something in this book.
Have a save and happy halloween......KMD

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cartoons on the Blog

Some of you may know, and some of you have been victims, of my cartoons. I have made a new Blog to publish my "BLOGTOONS". Find the link on the right that says "CARTOON" and click. For those that can't see the cartoon very well, just click on it and it will enlarge. KMD

Oklahoma Task Force One gets a new Rig!!

I'm proud to say that I am a member of Oklahoma Task Force One (OKTF-1), Oklahoma's urban search and rescue team. Our team will deploy to large scale manmade and natural disasters througout the US and it's allies and territories. The picture to the left is of our new USAR unit. Sweet, huh? It is built by Hackney and Sons (They also build beer trucks). Hackney and Sons is a subsidary of Gruman. Gruman built the A-6 intruder, the A-10 warthog (airplanes), and the apollo lunar excursion module. My current assignment is as a "Medical Specialist" so I get to craw through rubble, holes, and trenches and treat victims.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Smokin' Weed with Jesus, part deux.

Have we all recovered.
Some of the coolest church people I know are the Methodist. The Methodist are, in my my best understanding, Catholics mixed with a little Jimmy Buffett. We had a friend that was a Methodist Pastor. He was so cool. I went into his office one day and he has a poster on the wall that says "Go Bocephus". You gotta like that.
Mentioning the Catholics. I like some of them to, though that whole child abuse thing is a huge black eye that is going to take a big' ol glory filled ice pack to fix. I have found that they (Catholics) are more "real". They don't pretend to be more than what they are and seem to accept their limitations. My only question is that I feel I can go directly to God with my prayer requests. One of my buddies at work is catholic. He has tried to explain it to me with limited success.
Well that is that for now. I 'll continue this over the next few days. By the way, be careful of hitting the "NEXT" button when scrolling threw Blogs. I happened onto a page that had a naked guy sitting on a staircase pulling on his pud. It scared me. That ol' boy was packing more meat than a Jimmy Dean sausage Truck.....

Smokin' Weed with Jesus.

Here is my first attempt a some type of commentary on formalized religion:
If somebody was to ask me, "Kris, what are your religious beliefs?" I would have to really think about it. For a long time. (the sound of crickets in the background).
........Still thinking.........
Okay. First I would have to explain my opinion of the whole religion racket. You have to remember that I am the type of guy that when you ask him for the time, he will tell you how to build a clock. I am not a religious man. My experiences with 90% of religious people have left me feeeling deflated, unworthy, and a like a second class citizen. I do believe in God and salvation through Christ. But we will get to it later. I guess my biggest observation is in the paradoxical mannerisms that often surround the Holy "in crowd". ( that is some awful big words ya'll).
Let us first look at the evangelical-charasmatic-non denominational movement. This group has based their doctorine almost entirely upon the book of Acts. Many of them like to say that they beleive like a Baptisit until you get to the book of Acts. Often these groups form from splinter factions that leave other churches because Sister So and So turned her nose up at Sister Who-a-what's-it. My wife and I got wrapped-up with a group like this early in our marriage. We left a church when the pastor "quit" and went with him to "pioneer" a new church. Which actually meant that I had a steady pay check and my tithes would help pay for the storefront that the pastor wanted to rent.
Now the Baptist. Sorry to say it, but the Southern Baptist Convention does not have a copyright on salvation. My encounters with this group has often been the most harsh. It usually goes like this. "Hello brother" says the Baptist. "Hey, how you doin'" says me. "You attend church anywhere?" asks the Baptist. "No, we are kinda in between churches right now" says I. "Well you and your family should come and visit our church this Sunday" advances the Baptist. "Really, where do you ATTEND church?" asks I. "Oh, we are members at the First Baptist Church of (insert name of city/town here) Tabernacle" says the Baptist as his chest swells. "Oh, that's nice" replies I while taking 2 steps back. Now the Baptist cocks his head to one side, puts his hands in his pockets and begins to rock back and forth between his toes and heels. "Yeah me and the wife teach the young married couples class on Sunday mornings". I don't think that I have ever called Rebecca "the wife". "That's cool" I say. "Rebecca and I taught the blended family classes at our old church" I continue. Blended family is the churchy-politically-correct way of saying divorced and remarried. "Well praise God" says the Baptist. "THOSE people really need to be ministered to sometimes". I check the buttons on my shirt to make sure that the scarlet D on my chest is not showing. "You know, we sure could use a good man like yourself to help us out in our church. We have been thinking about starting a blended family class and a class for the retarded" says the Baptist. "That is nice" I reply. "I think your family would fit in nice at our church" invites the Baptist. "We have a great mens group that goes fishin and to ball games. The women folk get together for crafts and prayer. We even have a youth group that is going to Bongo-Bongo to help build a church for those people" says the Baptist. "No doubt that the divorced/remarried and retarded people of Bongo-Bongo are overjoyed" thinks I.
"You know, I was a young man like yourself when I started to attend our church and now I am a Deacon" says the the Baptisit. "Wow, you mean I could be a Deacon?" replies I. "Well praise God you could, in time" says the Baptist. "Ya'll think you might make this Sunday, I'll introduce you to the preacher" continues the Baptist. "Well praise God" Says I. "Let me see" I continue. "Well I don't have my son this weekend, but I probally could call my ex-wife and talk to her about it."
The expression on the Baptist's face begins to change. He takes 2 steps back. "Your ex-wife" asks the Baptist. "Yeah" looking from side to side I continue "Sometimes I think she's retarded" I wink and laugh. The Baptist takes 2 more steps back and now he has a expression on his face that makes me wonder if I had farted. "Well, if you can't make it this Sunday just come when you can." the Baptist offers as he climbs into his truck. "Okay, we will try to make it" I offer. "That retarded blended family class sounds like something me and the wife would like" I tell him. "Great I will talk to the pastor about it, but he may want to pray about it some" the Baptist tells me as he starts his truck. "I understand" is my reply. Sensing my disappointment in losing my chance at being a deacon someday, the Baptist offers "Well you know we always need somebody to help around the church, you know doing odd jobbs. Brother Ramirez always needs help with the flowebeds and I bet Sister ShaQuenda could use your wifes help in the nursery". Is his counter offer. "Sure" I say back to him. "Well I got to go now, hope to see you soon" says the Baptist as he rolls up the powerwindows on his truck. As he drives away I can see that he says "God bless you" as he waves. I turn and look an my family and think "He already has".
Relax. Take a deep breath. I will say that two of the most sincere men that I have ever met and I hold the greatest respect for are two Baptist guys. They are men that I look to as mentors and brothers.
To Be Continued.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Left-knee, Right-knee, Weenie.

For all of my loving fans (Becc and Dennis) I have seemed to be on the road to a full recovery from my knee surgery. The swelling has gone down and now I am left with a stubbly knee and two scars. This surgery has been a lot better than when they operated on my right knee. Rehab has been going well, or should I say Physical Therapy. I would hate for anybody to think that I need to go to rehab for substance or alcohol abuse. My PT's are good and they laugh at my jokes.
Yesterday there was a women in the pool doing water therapy. She had her hair up in a "Holy bun" and was wearing a very, very modest swimsuit. I was laying on the exercise mat, which sets next to the pool, having my leg twisted up by my frickin' head. I hear this lady huming a song. I listened for a while and fiqured out she was humming "I love rock n roll" by Joan Jett. Awesome!
You see, I have a deep fondness for Joan Jett. I was a young lad when I first saw a poster of her. She was wearing black leather pants. (Grrrrrrr). It was then, staring at that poster, that I first put it together that I really liked women !

WOW... Technology

Who would have ever thought that I would be using the World Wide Web to publish my thoughts for the world to read. Of course the only person who will probally read this is my darling wife (just to be nice). I hope to use this space to discuss life, politics, religions, professions, family, and that whole space-time-continuim thing. I still think that Condi Rice is the love-child of Mr. Spock and Lt. Uhura

Is this thing on?

Hello...... Hello. Is this thing on.