Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thermonuclear Family Meltdown

What is a family? Traditionally it has been a mommy a daddy and the kids. Of course traditions changes. Today the "family" may be a group of people not related at all. A 50% divorce rate has also changed the make-up of the family. Then there is the increasing rate of grandparents raising their grandchildren. This is my case. My mother never kept any of her children past the age of 10 years. All of us were shipped off to aunts, uncles, foster homes, and grandparents. Though it easy to fault her, Dad was AWOL (not only from the marines, but from most of his responsibilities). Whenever I question myself about being a father, I just remember to do everything opposite of what he did. For the most part us humans are social creatures and we develop "groups" or "families". We find others that can offer us comfort and acceptance. The new family may include two mommies or two daddies. Or daddy may become another mommy, mommy may grow a wiener. I often laugh at how my opinions and personal beliefs have changed over the last 10 years. I wonder if this means that I am growing up? I have changed from the bible-thumping conservative that developed social opinions based solely on a Sunday morning sermon into a what I would call a liberal-conservative or a conservative-liberal or middle-of-the-roader'. Shoot, I don't even care that Rosie O'Donnell is a mother. I do disagree with a everything that she has to say. But I respect her right to say it. I would love to sit down and talk with her (icecubes in hell, right?). Have a good day......Be patient with each other........Kris

Monday, November 27, 2006

Volunteer Fire Wars Part 2: "Is this thing on?"

One of the findings from the 9/11 commission was the inability for emergency responders to effectively communicate to each other. The radio communications infrastructure of the City of New York was not able to handle the volume of radio traffic transmitted and most rescuers could not advise of their condition, locations, or send out maydays. Many of today's leading municipalities have "migrated" to the use of 800 mgh radios. These radios transmit/receive on a frequency that is close to cellular phones and microwaves. By using computers to "steer" the radio transmissions through different channels the users are able to use only a relatively few frequencies to talk to a large amount of end users. BUT, there are some limitations to this technology. 800 mgh, like microwave, is a "line of sight" technology. This means that the radio antenna must have an unobstructed "path" to other antenna on the group. How this effects the end user (the firefighters, police officer, EMT) is that in some situations the radio can not receive or transmit. This is prevalent in large buildings, or in basements. Also you just can't go and buy a radio at a swap meet (maybe a stolen one) and use it. Each radio has what the manufacture calls a "personality". This means that each radio is uniquely identified by the controlling computer. Additionally these radios can cost around 2 - 3 grand each. The NFPA standard for firefighter health and safety is NFPA 1500. Part of this standard, along with OSHA CFR 29.1910.120 requires each firefighter to have a portable radio when they enter a dangerous location or atmosphere. My crew alone carries 12,000 dollars worth of radios on their persons, not including the radios in the trucks. How does this effect the volunteers. CASH MONEY BABY. Many volunteer departments are struggling to pay their gasoline and fuel bills. A radio for every firefighter is a luxury only Santa can bring. Their is cheaper technologies available, but reliability is an issue. I have heard of some departments using CB radios. Can you imagine that dialogue: Dispatcher: "Engine 4, Ladder 2, Squad 2. Report of a house fire on county road 405" Engine 4: "Engine 4 is responding" Trucker: "Hell, where can a fella find a Cracker Barrell, come-back?" Dispatcher: "User on this channel could you standby for a minute for emergency users?" Trucker: "Sure foxy-lady. What is your 20?" You get the picture. Is their a solution? Who knows. That's is the great thing about an obscure editorial buried deeply in the world wide web. I can gripe without giving a solution. Until next time, Make love* not war!!!!. * and by love I mean crazy monkey love. Kris

Saturday, November 25, 2006

An Okie at the United Nations.

Uncle MUD gave me a good idea. I do hereby announce my intentions to be the UN ambassador from the United Nations. Dubya, is you listening'. I hope that it will become a reality. Here is my list of priorities once I make it in there. 1. Remove China from the human rights commission. Having them serving on that commission is like having a fat kid over the chocolate cake conservation committee. 2. Change the UN colors from white and light blue to orange and black. Light blue is for pussies. 3. No more peace keeping missions. Go on ass kicking missions. 4. Make all foreign dignitaries pay their dang parking tickets. Vote for me......ya'll

Volunteer Fire Wars Part I: Not in my backyard

For those of you that know me it is no surprise that I am proud of my chosen profession. Every third day I get paid to live one of my childhood dreams. Every time I put on my bunkergear and climb up into that big red truck I still feel like a little boy pretending his bike is squad 51. I can even look over my shoulder and see Johnny and Roy sometimes. I always try to be a professional, even though I have a little bit of Jester's spirit in me. Being paid for what you do does not make you a professional. First I believe that a firefighter cannot be paid enough for what he or she does. Professionalism is a personal conviction to doing the right thing. Okay here comes the bitchin'. Around this part of Oklahoma (Okie-homa to you flatlanders) we are seeing a pissing contest between fire departments. Department "X" is wanting to takeover department "Y's" area in order to tap into additional revenue sources. Departments with adjoining districts can't or won't communicate with each other due to a radio system that is inadequate. Of all of the departments that surround my department's area, I can only talk to Tulsa Fire over the radio. The other departments I can see them on an incident, I can give them the finger, even moon them, but I can't talk to them on the radio. There is a group that provides us with a large dose of ass pain on a regular basis. Every time we (my department) makes a job in "their" area they start crying like a group of newborns. They constantly complain that we are trying to take over their area, or get their funding. What a load of bullshit. First, we are funded through sales tax as are 99% of all municipal departments. They are funded through a property tax. In addition all of the residents living in their area by their food, gas, and clothes in Owasso. Second, and most important, as a full-time career department we are obligated to respond to a request for help. PERIOD. Until then. Keep it real yo'

Friday, November 24, 2006

What are you talking about: PG version

Every family and group has their own language or sayings that are unique to them. When I first married into Rebecca's family I thought everybody had developed a slow leak. Every time you would say something funny or off-colored they would go "pssssshhhht". What the heck is that about? Around our house when you are talking to somebody and they go"huh?" Our reply is to say "chicken". If you are cold you are "fweezin." If you are really cold you are "supa fweezin." If it is really, really cold you are "supa party fweezin." I know,... We are idiots. At the fire station there is a whole other group of terms being used. When you are explaining an action that happened to you, you must qualify it with the phrase "minding my own business." Example: I was at the store the other day, minding my own business, and I ran into Harley.... Also when you are talking about somebody you must first qualify it by saying: Crazy (insert name here), that rascal......... Example: Crazy DeMauro, that rascal, he was telling me that his cousin..... It is not a derogatory comment, it is just language. I hope the turkey was good. I missed all of you. Kris

What are you talking about?

Every family and group has their own language or sayings that are unique to them. When I first married into Rebecca's family I thought everybody had developed a slow leak. Every time you would say something funny or off-colored they would go "pssssshhhht". What the hell is that about? Around our house when you are talking to somebody and they go"huh?" Our reply is to say "chicken". If you are cold you are "fweezin." If you are really cold you are "supa fweezin." If it is really, really cold you are "supa party fweezin." I know,... We are idiots. At the fire station there is a whole other group of terms being used. When you are explaining an action that happened to you, you must qualify it with the phrase "minding my own business." Example: I was at the store the other day, minding my own business, and I ran into Harley.... Also when you are talking about somebody you must first qualify it by saying: Fuckin' (insert name here), that son of a bitch......... Example: Fuckin' DeMauro, that son of a bitch, he was telling me that his cousin..... It is not a derogatory comment, it is just language. I hope the turkey was good. I missed all of you. Kris

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

That Damn Microwave is in Therapy.

Due to a life of exposure to profanity and verbal insults the DeMauro family Microwave ( his name is Mike) is now in therapy. Mike is having to deal with a life long feeling of inadequacy and lack of fulfillment. Mike states he has always been there for us and now that he is having some "performance" issue we have turned on him. For years he has been there with a push of a button, unselfishly giving. Mike really wanted to be a painter. That reminds me....My coffee is getting cold....Where is that fuckin' microwave....... Also, If that damn vacuum starts talking, he is a lying bastard.........

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wheat Grass?

There is more discussion over wheat grass than the blog about homosexuality. Hmmmmm.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Somebody help me tie my shoes.

We have been working out on the job. The City pays for all of us to go to a local gym and workout. Even on our days off. So every day at around 0900 a.m. my crew goes for about an hour. Of course we never get an hour do to alarms and medicals. My driver Jeff is a former amature bodybuilder that actually won some competitions. He is a stud. Jeff has become our offical workout coach. I hate that bastard!!!! My arms are so damn sore I can't even wipe my own ass. We do circuit training, going from one excercise to another without rest. That way you get a cardio workout too. Speaking of bastards. During physical therapy today (post knee surgery) I asked my PT "at what point is this supposed to make my damn knee feel better?" He told me to quit whining and get back to doing chop-squats. MUD had a good point in his blog. Don't screw around with your heart. Today's medicine can do wonderful things, IF, they can get to you in time. I have been a paramedic for 15 years and the the changes, for the positive, that I have seen in my career are impressive.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Probing mars and the baby boomers.

I have a confesion. I'm a space geek. Not a game geek like Rebecca, but a pserson that has always had an infatuation with NASA and space exploration. Maybe it is because I grew up with the space shuttles and apollo missions. In junior high school one of our science teachers, Mr. Markum, was a finalist for the last Challenger mission. I can still remember him running out of the classroom in tears as we all watched the Challenger explode after take-off. One of my biggest space fixations has been the mars probes and the voyagers.
Now, back to leadership. Today we look at the baby boomers, and you know who you are. The baby boomers were born from 1946 to 1964. Every day 1,000 baby boomers turn 60. They have the largest disposable income and tend to spend it on thier grand children. The baby boomer is the workaholic that crusades causes. This group does not tolerate injustice and has been influenced by the civil rights movement. In the workplace this group loves to have meetings. The baby-boomer thrives best in a leadership style that involes cooperation, and work with others on projects.
Have a good day and do something nice for someone today, even if it is for yourself.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stuffing the ol' manicotti and the silent generation

Is that a manicotti you got there, or are you glad to see me? I made some awesome manicotti last night. Two kinds. Sausage and spinach. I found the trick to stuffing the manicotti. Use a pastry / cake decorating bag with a large end on it. Just fill the bag, give a squeeze and bingo! During my recent attendance at the FSIO conference at OSU I attended several leadership workshops. The best was about leading different generations. This is the first time in U.S. history that there are four generations in the work force. The first generation that we will talk about is the "Silent Generation", born between 1925 through 1945. There has not been an US president born during this time. This generation was the generation of the world wars.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

John Kerry, Tommy Franks, and the $400K Ass Chewing

Take some time today to think about our veterans, past and present. I will be at the fire station today but I plan on taking my crew to the veteran's memorial in Owasso.
I had a long talk with my son last night. Mostly I did the talking. His grades are less than spectacular and his priorities are a little misguided. (Not that I have room to talk). He will be 16 in April. I told him about the remark that John Kerry made last week, the one about the lack of education and it's relation to the military. I told Kristofer that even though it raised a big stink, there was some truth in it. Right now there are American troops all over the world. When he turns 18 Kristofer will have to register for the draft. We are only one major conflict away from drafting young men. Last night I listened to General Tommy Franks on talk radio. What a great American, and Oklahoman. He was questioned about his feelings on the draft. He, for the most part, was against it. He stated that the American military was the greatest in the world, and that it was an all volunteer military. He does favor the Israel system of mandatory civil service post high school. Not just military, but other civil position. He had some realy good ideas. General Franks is building his museum and leadership institute in his home town of Holburt, OK. I can't wait to go see it. While I was away at the FSIO conference in Stillwater the City of Owasso opened bids for the new fire station. I came in at $400K over estimate. Chief Clark had to justify this amount in a meeting with the City Manager. Apparently Chief took a decent ass chewing but (or butt) the CM approved the amount. Progress is great and expensive. While in Stillwater I took several leadership workshops. The best by far was on leading different generations in the work force. Very good stuff maynard. I will start next weeks blogg's on that issue, unless something else just pisses me off........... KMD

Friday, November 10, 2006

Veteran's Day

Thank you
Pappy and MUD
from KMD

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to FSIO I go.

For the next four days I will be attending the Fire Service Instructors of Oklahoma Congerence at OSU. It is our annual convention in which we are given new rules and regulations and course material updates. I am taking a couple of workshops on understanding the adult learner. I will post updates in the evening. Oh, by the way: GO VOTE!!!!!!!!TODAY!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

My Senator went to DC and all I got was this shirt.

First things first. Yesterday was my first shift back since the "Knee". I missed my crew and I was glad to be back. Nothing warms your heart like listening to your crew bring you up to date on everything they did while you were gone. We made a few calls, nothing to extraordinary. Do I need to say anything about tomorrow? GO VOTE!!!! Our "gubner" started a reading incentive program a few years called "Read Ya'll". I am not making this up. Maybe we should make up a program called "Vote Ya'll". Well folk's I gotta go unload fire wood from my truck and deliver some scaffolding. Se ya.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Smoke Detectors

Slow news day here In Bongo-Bongo. The one good note is that the Cherokee Nation has donated over 300,000 dollars to various rural fire departments throughtout Oklahoma to aid in recovering expenses from this years wildland fires. Good for them. With this constant draught and the forecast for a warmer than normal November it could play out to be a busy month in the grassfire department. Over the last 2 weeks we have had a couple of children die in house fires. It is so very important to have a working smoke detector in your home. Don't just rely on the dual power (110 vac/ 9 vdc) that the builder put in your home when it was new. Spend 4.00 and get a old fashioned battery detector. They work very well.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fags, Dikes, and the Sickle Cell.

For some of us the civil war is alive and well. So many special interest groups claim civil rights violations based upon choices not unchangeable circumstances. The proliferation of the "I'm a victim" mentality has affected our society and our moral make-up. Now before everybody with a rainbow bumper sticker on their cars rain hell down on me, just wait. I know that many people have had their civil rights violated, some have even been killed, because of their sexual orientation. I know that not all female softball players are lesbians. I know that only a few black women chose to stay at home have have child after child after child with no fathers or means to support them. I believe that there are as many white, Hispanic, Italian mothers that do the same. And I have relatives that believe that the sickle cell is the great equalizer. Of course it is out of their ignorance that they do not know that sickle cell anemia is not a black person disease. It affects many races of African, Latin, and yes, Mediterranean heritage.
We must realize that sometimes choice is not a civil right. Remember the part about life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It is not your "right" if you are man and want to have sex with another man. It is a choice. You should not get special treatment because your gay. As far as I know there never were "Gay only" water fountains. What would happen if I organized a "White-middle class-working man-straight-married-with kids-mortgage-SUV" pride parade. People would go nuts. I have also found that most true "homophobics" that actually lash out at gays and lesbians are only acting with a knee-jerk reaction to their own questions about their sexual orientation. As for me, I think God had his "A" game on when He designed the female body. With that all said I feel that a person should not be adversely treated because of their sexual choices. It should be a non-issue. ........Now the race card....
Did you know that genetically all humans are 99.9% identical? And of the millions of lines of genetic code, only 10 genes are responsible for the color of our skin. I feel that race is more defined by culture than by color. Look how the black culture has so influenced the popular culture in our country. Even the most conservative person knows about the rapper 50 cent. I use the word black instead of African-American because of the white people born in Africa that have immigrated to the U.S. They should be classified as African-Americans. Since the big vote in 1964 white America has been on a cycle of perpetual apologies and amends. Did you know that less than 1/2 of current blacks in America can trace the heritage back to slavery.
Let's just start to respect each others cultures, heritage, and history. It is only then that we can change from "peoples" to a "people."
.......But what do I know......I hear the dryer buzzing. I better get to it, I don't what my hood that the grand wizard gave me to wrinkle my favorite wife-beater.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saints Day.

To my few friends that are Catholic..Happy All Saints Day. Thanks for all of the great replies and comments that ya'll have been giving me. I find it encouraging. I have been attending a series of Leadership classes at work. It has been very thought provoking. I have also realized that I can do anything, but I can't do everything. Delegation is a week area of mine. So guess where I get to focus on. Short blog today, got to finish a video...... Tomorrow's topic "Faggs, Dikes, and the Cicle Cell"