Sunday, May 06, 2007

Life is good today.

We all have times in our lives that sometime just plain suck. But there also times when things are going good. Today things are good. Very good. We had a get together for my birthday today. It was family and friends and it was so very nice. My buddy Jay helped me install crown molding in the living room and it looks good. I had to buy a new finish nail gun. It came in a box along with a brad nailer. I already had a brad nailer so I gave the new one to Jay. Mojo is good when good mojo gets past along. Ms. Jay made me a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was awsome. My little bride has fluttered around me allday. I feel special. As MUD stated the storms are getting bad but it is that time of year. All that I can say for our Kansas family is "RUN!" Keep safe and watch out for each other.


MUD said...

Run hell, HIDE~! You can't outrun one of those things. They dodge and weave in manners unknown. Especially if it is F3 or bigger.

Mz Jackson said...

Hey, did you save me some of that cake? It's been all I can think about since the last piece I had.

Happy Birthday, Becca's Big Daddy!